Affinity Psychotherapy Academy

At Affinity, our mission is to offer the most up-to-date, relevant and innovative relationship therapy training.

Our integrated and diverse programme of learning will not only enable you to flourish in the real world of relationship therapy, it will also shape your own journey of self-discovery and transformative practice.

You will gain expertise in the fundamentals of relationship therapy and take a deep dive into issues such as working with cultural and religious differences; the impact of physical and mental ill-health on relationships and sex; neurodiversity; non-monogamy and kink; and toxicity, abuse and coercive control.

At the heart of Affinity are our exciting new Advanced Diploma in Contemporary Relationship Therapy and CPD Masterclasses, which give you the flexibility to learn more about your interests in a way that works for you.

Advanced Diploma in Contemporary Relationship Therapy

One year | 12 weekends
20 modules | In person & live online

Our Level 7 Diploma programme will give you a comprehensive foundation in the fundamentals of relationship therapy AND a deep dive into diversity and disruption.

Because we offer a blend of in-person and online training, everyone can join our Diploma programme at the same time and benefit from collaborative learning.

CPD Masterclasses


If you’re already a Relationship and/or Psychosexual Therapist, or a therapist who wants to explore relationship and psychosexual therapy, our CPD Masterclasses offer up-to-date, relevant training in diversity, difference and disruption in relationships and sex.

Masterclasses vary from three hours to three days and are taught as live Zoom training events, so you will be in the room with your peers, wherever you are in the world.

All Masterclasses are offered every year so you can pace your learning to fit in with your life and budget.

We are delighted that our Patron, Dr Betty Martin, is also one of our tutors

Betty will lead our module on ‘Consent, boundaries and relationships, including working with the Wheel of Consent and Three-minute Game’.

“As a trainer and consultant in the field of relationship and sex therapy for several decades, I strongly welcome this initiative. Within a field in which polarisations can prevail – from the ‘politically correct’ to the ‘one size fits all’ – I believe that Affinity will competently navigate a middle path. Affinity will attend to issues – some for personal development, some more professional – that often fall by the wayside in training, such as men’s issues, young people and mental health, cultural and religious differences, and neurodiversity. I am not surprised Betty Martin has agreed to be Affinity’s patron. I am happy to be associated with Affinity.”

– Bernd Leygraf, CEO Naos-Institute

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