Working with Sociological Differences in Relationships


Working with sociological diversity in relationships and sex can be both enriching and complex. Enabling clients to work with their own sense of identity and difference in relationships can often feel challenging therapeutically.

This one-day workshop, led by Natalya Price and Gurpreet Singh, explores the impact of sociological differences and intersectionality on relationships and sex, for example culture, race, ethnicity, language, traditions, socioeconomic status and religion.

Through experiential learning, you will come to understand your own cultural competence and the importance of working in a culturally sensitive way.

And Gurpreet – a prominent member of the Black, African and Asian Therapy Network – will show you how you can build a culturally sensitive practice to increase congruence and enhance therapy for your clients.

14 May 2022 (1 day)
9.30am – 4.30pm